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About What We Do

The Evangelical Catholic, in communion with the Catholic Church, labors to inspire effective and sustainable renewal to campus ministries, parishes and dioceses around the country. We strive to make the Church’s mission of evangelization accessible, natural and fruitful for Catholics who want to make a difference in the world for Christ.

The EC Impact

EC Impact Map


The Evangelical Catholic runs conferences that evangelize and catechize college students and recent graduates. EC conferences also regularly provide ministry formation, so that these young adults can help bring renewed life to the campus ministries and dioceses where they serve and worship.

Over 1000 Catholic ministry leaders have attended EC conferences in the last six years. This represents over 80 campus ministries and over 60 parishes. These leaders returned to their ministries inspired and equipped to engage in the mission of evangelization.

Evangelization Training Camps

For five days, campus ministry staff and their student leaders come for intense training in the EC Ministry Model. Leaders build upon the formation and training they received during conferences, seminars and retreats, in preparation for ministry in the fall at their campuses.

Campus Ministry Training Program

Since its inception in 2009, the Campus Ministry Training Program seeks to train recent college graduates in the practice of EC ministry.

Consulting and Partnerships

The Evangelical Catholic contractual consulting relationships with college and university ministries are called Alliances. These three-year relationships allow us time to drive the cultural change necessary to create an evangelistic culture and permit the extensive training of staff necessary to maintain it after the contract is complete. Alliances include ministries serving Harvard, North Carolina State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Central Arkansas. Alumni from these ministries receive priority placement in our Campus Ministry Training Program.

To enter into an Alliance, campus ministers and student first attend one of our week-long summer evangelization training camps (ETCs), held nationwide, This makes rapid implementation of small groups possible when the Alliance begins.

Before campuses are ready for a contractual relationship we consult and sometimes visit campuses to offer ongoing support to staff, working to implement the EC Ministry model. Campuses with whom we have had consulting relationships include Duke, Florida State, Niagra University, San Diego State, Iowa State, St. Michael’s in Vermont, U of Dayton, UNC-Chapel Hill, UW-Green Bay, Wayne State Nebraska and UW-Oshkosh.

Sometimes a campus ministry, parish or diocese wants more direct help and forms a partnership with The Evangelical Catholic. In these cases, the EC assists in identifying a trained EC worker who can work alongside them to implement the EC Ministry model.

The Evangelical Catholic is a not-for-profit 501©3 charitable organization based in Madison, Wisconsin.