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The EC Approach


Following the Master

Jesus ministered to the multitudes but spent a great deal of time teaching and guiding a smaller group of disciples, whom he called upon, eventually, to work alongside him and, ultimately, to carry on his mission when he was gone.

The Evangelical Catholic takes the same approach. We offer conferences with a broad mission of evangelization but spend a significant amount of our time investing in relationships with leaders who would like to be more fruitful in ministry. These leaders are then equipped to form and train their fellow staff and parishioners to assist them in the work of evangelization and discipleship.

Why Evangelize?

The Second Vatican Council affirmed and emphasized that mission defines the Church. The Church does not have a mission, rather the Church is the mission! Every member of the body of Christ on earth — from popes and bishops to lay Catholics in every walk of life — is called to share in the mission of Jesus Christ. “As the Father has sent me, so I send you” (Jn 20:21).

And what is that mission? It could be aptly summarized in one word. “The Church exists,” Pope Paul VI said, “in order to evangelize” (Evangelii Nuntiandi, 14). Evangelization is at the heart of the Church’s mission. It encompasses all of the Church’s activities. It is our unifying principle, the key to our renewal and the promise of our future.

Evangelical and Catholic?

To be Catholic is to be evangelical. To be Catholic is to embrace the evangel, or, the Gospel, as the unifying element of our lives as the people of God. To be evangelical is the call of every Christian — to follow in the master’s footsteps, to allow the Gospel to transform us, and to share the message and love of Jesus Christ.

John Paul II consistently taught about the fruits of a renewed evangelical focus within Catholic communities. For example:

“It is also necessary for us to create around us an environment that fosters and strengthens the faith of the individual. Authentic Christian life needs the support of a living community of faith and love. A Christian community at the service of the faith has to grow from being a simple Bible study or prayer group or a social action group to a group in which the members share their faith with one another through the proclamation of God’s word, bear common witness to the word they proclaim, carry the word beyond the group to the society in which they live.

“Pastors and catechists should exert more effort in the formation of suitable community leaders and animators, so that our small Christian communities may develop into truly self-evangelizing communities in which the faithful are progressively formed in the faith in an ongoing manner, and trained to be evangelizers and witnesses to Christ reaching out to those who do not yet know Him and do not know Him sufficiently.” (Pope John Paul II, Address March 13, 1996)

The Evangelical Catholic Mission

The Evangelical Catholic, in communion with the Catholic Church, labors to inspire effective and sustainable renewal to campus ministries, parishes and dioceses around the country. We strive to make the Church’s mission of evangelization accessible, natural, and fruitful for every Catholic who wants to make a difference in the world for Christ.