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EC Vision

Today we seem to be witnessing the birth of a new Catholicism that, without loss of its institutional, sacramental, and social dimensions, is authentically evangelical…. (Avery Cardinal Dulles, from a talk at Fordham University, 1992).

What is an Evangelical Catholic?

An evangelical Catholic is a Catholic Christian committed to living an evangelical life. An evangelical Catholic spirituality is characterized by four marks of evangelical life and movements found throughout the ages:

  • interior conversion
  • a prayer life nurtured in the sacred text (lectio divina)
  • intentional Christian community
  • engagement in the evangelical mission of the Church

These four marks are not emphasized to the exclusion of the sacramental life of the Church, but rather in augmentation to it. As the sacramental life is already a rich and robust vein of life in the Catholic Church, an evangelical Catholic simply embraces the beauty, depth and grace already present there, while seeking to live and share, in an intentional way, these evangelical elements.

The Catholic Church [following the Second Vatican Council] became in a true sense evangelical…. Paul VI followed this up in many ways. John Paul II has carried this evangelical shift yet further…the evangelical turn in the ecclesial vision of Popes Paul VI and John Paul II is one of the most surprising and important developments in the Catholic Church since Vatican II (Avery Cardinal Dulles, from a talk at Fordham University, 1992).

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