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  • One-on-One groups occur when two people regularly meet for discipleship and training.
  • Because One-on-Ones offer the most personal attention of the four methods, they are an important follow-up to evangelization and conversion.
  • One-on-ones occur in discipler/disciple relationships, but also between spiritual companions.
  • The goal of these weekly meetings is to establish disciples and equip them to become effective workers.
  • The Evangelical Catholic offers resources for your One-on-One groups on our Materials page.

Testimony to the Power of One-on-One’s on Campus at the University of North Carolina!

I am extremely satisfied with the experiences I have shared with Will. I really enjoyed the flexibility (could do it anywhere and anytime) and structure of the program (e.g., breaking down the book’s chapters into weeks) and working with someone with more knowledge and experience than myself. What I have gained from having a spiritual mentor include: more insight about Christianity, a closer relationship with Christ, and a transformation of how I live my life. This journey has also facilitated my interest into performing Catholic mission work for a year because it has built up my faith in a way I can’t explain.”

-Kevin Koski, University of North Carolina

What Does a One-on-One Look Like?

EC Live! One-on-Ones

One-on-Ones offer personalized attention to growing disciples. They occur when two people meet regularly for discipliship and training.