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The Evangelical Catholic runs conferences that evangelize and catechize college students and recent graduates. Through these conferences, the EC seeks to ground young adults in the life of faith and equip them to bring renewed life to the campus ministries and dioceses where they worship and serve.

Over 1000 Catholic ministry leaders have attended our conferences over the last six years. This represents over 80 campus ministries and over 60 parishes. These leaders returned to their ministries inspired and equipped to engage in the mission of evangelization.


I first discovered the Evangelical Catholic as a UW-Milwaukee student in spring 2002. A small group of students and I had been praying and working to enliven Catholic Campus Ministry at UW-Milwaukee when a friend from Madison recommended that we attend an Institute. I now take a group of students to the Institute every year. Our students consistently leave this encounter with The Evangelical Catholic desiring to grow closer to our Lord, trusting in God’s ability to use them on our campus, and fired up to reach out to their peers…. Because the EC is about supporting people and not just turning out programs, their activities have a lifelong impact. Their staff has poured time, attention, and encouragement into me as a campus minister, enabling me to pour time, attention, and encouragement into the lives of our student leaders, who in turn pour time, attention, and encouragement into the lives of their peers. Who knows how many people will come to love our God and His Church as this cycle continues!

Margaret Rhody, Student Leadership Development Coordinator of The Newman Center at UW-Milwaukee, 2008.

Past Conferences

  1. 28 Mar
  2. 18 Apr
  3. 2 Mar

    Wide Awake IV at UC-San Diego

    UCSD Newman Center, San Diego, CA