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Evangelization Training Camps

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ETC gives us the focus, the vision, the desire to reach every student on our campuses with the love of Jesus.”

- Roy Lanham, Director of Campus Ministry, Eastern Illinois University, ETC Midwest 2014

Any campus struggling with outreach ought to use ETC as the starting point to revitalize their evangelization efforts.”

- JoAnn Shull, University of Missouri (Mizzou)

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I want to go out and start the fire that by God’s grace will engulf the world.”

- Juan Alberto Hernandez, Student, Texas A&M International, ETC Midwest 2014

Evangelization Training Camps equip Catholic campus ministry student leaders and parishioners to share the Gospel on campus or in their neighborhoods naturally, within trusting relationships, and to witness to their own faith in appealing non-preachy ways. Campus ministers and Pastors learn to shepherd evangelistic ministries and successfully implement proven strategic outreach methods.

Over 5 days, participants grow in their connection to Jesus and the Church; learn and practice pre-evangelistic conversation skills and small outreach group leadership. All campuses and parishes leave with a plan for evangelization tailored to the particular needs of their campus.

Students, parishioners, and staff are spiritually refreshed, able to return to their campuses or parish with contagious energy to share the Good News!

EC nationwide training camps have brought together thousands of students, parishioners, pastors, and campus ministry staff from over 100 different campuses, parishes, and organizations since 2006.

Ministries from colleges, universities, and parishes of all sizes and types – Catholic, secular, public – REACH MORE through ETCs. Join us and make it happen in your ministry!

Get Ready to Register; Read about Workshop Tracks!

All First-time Campus Ministry Participants Register for:

Small Group Outreach

Inviting communities gathering outside the campus Catholic center/parish allow easy access for those who won’t go to church. Workshops train student leaders for small group facilitation or in person-to-person ministry that support small groups: pre-evangelistic conversation, personal faith stories, and recognizing/responding to thresholds of conversion.

Returning Participants Choose between:

One-on-One Discipleship Mentoring

Learn how to invite others into deeper life in Christ and help them grow spiritually.

School of Prayer

Facilitated by representative of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy at the Institute for Church Life.

Develop key practices for participating fully, consciously, and
actively in biblical and liturgical prayer. Learn techniques for
discernment, meditation, and contemplative Eucharistic participation.
Taught by representative of Notre Dame Center for Liturgy.

Parishioners register for:

Parish Track

Pastors, staff, and parishioners will be immersed in the vision, principles, and skills necessary to begin transforming their parish into a place where the laity reach their friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and fellow parishioners with the Good News of Jesus in the Church. Through general sessions and workshops, pastoral staff and parish leaders develop the heart and skills of a missionary disciple:

ETC Costs

  • Campus Minister…….$425
  • Student……………….$350
  • Parish Track………….$425*
*Parish Track prices vary with venues, please contact EC staff for more info

*Includes lodging and meals

What to expect:

  • Daily mass, an hour of individual prayer, and group prayer time
  • Stirring prayer sessions and primers on prayer methods
  • Personal connection to Christ as the foundation for campus ministry and outreach
  • Skill-building workshops: pre-evangelistic conversation; facilitating small group scripture discussion; sharing your faith story
  • Stages of conversion: what works when with whom

What you’ll experience:

What Campus Ministers, Clergy, and Students are Saying about Evangelization Training Camps!

“This camp gives us real tools to go out and become fishers of men.”

-Johnny Sanchez, student, University of South Carolina

ETC was entirely refreshing, spirit filled, and theologically grounded. The timeless concepts of the Church were presented with utmost clarity with an emphasis on Jesus at all times. Having brought a very diverse group of students, they all benefited greatly!”

-Joshua Dart, Director of Campus Ministry, Virginia Commonwealth University

“The strategic planning would be helpful to any ministry, even a thriving one.”

-Molly Powers, campus minister, University of Illinois-Chicago

“[ETC] gives us a plan, a structure and a goal that really makes sense.”

-Father Douglas Bailey, Florida Institute of Technology

“[ETC] changed my heart, but it also filled me with the desire/equipped me with the skills to change others’ hearts!”

-Lauren Deptola, student, University of Dayton

“Going through the small group track I feel much better equipped to do a good job… I know the Lord will lead me through if I trust in Him.”

-Brad Haas, Iowa State University

“It as a camp full of healing and getting to know Christ better. We also learn practical tools: first, help our relationship with Christ and secondly, share our story effectively to stir up Christ in others. You leave with a new passion for Christ and a desire to serve the community back on campus.”

-John Bocinsky, Florida Institute of Technology

“Before coming I was very intimidated by the idea of evangelization. I loved how natural it seemed by the end of the week…. After this camp, I realize that its in my nature as a Christian to evangelize. It’s not hard or scary. I’m pumped and excited to just do what I am called to do.”

-Eric Brooks, Marymount University

“From being a participant, to a leader, to currently, the peer minister of small group leaders at St. Thomas Aquinas, I know I have a passion for small groups. The training I received through the Evangelical Catholic Leadership Camp helped me realize small groups are not just a place students can go to interact with each other, but they are a full-flegded and vibrant ministry that works towards bringing people into an authentic connection with Christ and a community of fellow Christians. Our focus is to help leaders grow in their faith and prayer lives so that they can more effectively facilitate discussion and minister to those in and out of their small groups, because as the EC says, “you cannot give what you do not have’.”

-Wisconsin ETC Participant, 2011

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Upcoming Evangelization Training Camps

  1. 30 Dec


    Tampa, Gulf South

  2. 30 Dec

    ETC FLORIDA Parish Track

    Tampa, Florida, Gulf South

  3. 20 Jul


    Malvern, Pennsylvania, MidAtlantic

  4. 20 Jul

    ETC MID-ATLANTIC Parish Track

    Malvern, Pennsylvania, MidAtlantic

  5. 3 Aug


    Cedar Lake, Indiana, MidWest

  6. 3 Aug

    ETC MID-WEST Parish Track

    Cedar Lake, Indiana, MidWest

  7. 13 Aug


    Seattle, Washington, West

  8. 13 Aug

    ETC WEST Parish Track

    Seattle, Washington, West