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Online Training in Campus Ministry

Ministry Alignment Part II - Practical Tips for Campus and Parish Ministry

Ministry Alignment Part II

Ministry Alignment - How Small Groups Work With Everything

Aligning your ministry around small groups

How to Lead an Effective and Encouraging Small Group Leader's Meeting

Join the EC’s Associate Director, James Carrano, as he shares how to build the culture of discipleship in leaders’ meetings.

How to Make Disciples in Small Groups

James Carrano explains how to use our materials to produce disciples in small groups.

2 Minute Check-Ins

September 23, 2014 Webinar with Jason Simon, Executive Director of the EC, detailing how to keep up to date in small group leader formation with fewer leader meetings.

How to Launch Fall Small Groups in a Dynamic and Effective Way - Part I

March 12, 2014 webinar from James Carrano, Associate Director of the EC, on putting the pieces together and advancing your intentional ministry for next year!

Lenten Discipleship: Promote a Culture of One-on-Ones

During Lent, challenge those who come on Ash Wednesday to a new Lenten resolution: meeting one-on-one with another person. Listen as James Carrano, Associate Director of the Evangelical Catholic, to put the pieces together and advance your intentional ministry this Lent! Webinar from February 5, 2014.

Discipleship Mentoring: What Does a Campus Minister Do in One-on-Ones and Why?

Listen as EC Associate Director James Carrano discusses the purposes, goals, and particulars of one-on-one discipleship mentorings. We will discuss the importance of starting and establishing a ministry culture where person to person sharing becomes the primary means of transformation and the arena most conducive to conferring faith, hope, and love to students.

Help Your Students Enter More Deeply Into the Seasons of Advent and Christmas!

A conference call training by Tim O’Malley, Director of Notre Dame’s Center for Liturgy, on the riches of the liturgical prayers and collects of Advent and Christmas, given Nov. 9, 2011.

Recruiting Leaders and Planning for Next Year

A conference call training by Faye Darnall on preparing for next year’s outreach given April 18, 2011.

How and When to Launch One-on-One Peer Discipleship Mentoring

A webinar training given by EC Executive Director Jason Simon discussing how one-on-one per discipleship can transform campus ministry. Connect with the EC and other campus ministers to consider how one-on-one ministry can make this happen on your campus, given March 12, 2013.

How to Align Programming (Service and Social) for Maximum Outreach and Evangelization

A webinar training given by EC Director of Resources Faye Darnall on how campus ministers to clearly define a goal, align programs around the goal, assure movement between programs (hand-offs), develop focus in staff and community to maintain alignment, and resist “creeping programs” that undermine the goal, given February 19, 2013.

Developing Your Vision for Evangelization: Positioning Your Ministry For Growth

A conference call training by Faye Darnall given September 22, 2011

CMTP: An Insider Look (A Day in the Life)

A webinar by CMTP first-year missionaries Claire Cepla and Austin Franke and second-year missionaries Sarah Scarbrough, Andrew Conway, and Cody LeClaire on their experiences in Madison and at their respective campus ministry sites, given November 13, 2012.

Jason Simon: Conversion Stages

Jason Simon speaks on the process of conversion for the average college student or young adult.

EC Model for Intentional Ministry

Jason explains the EC model for intentional ministry using the baseball diamond analogy.

Problem Solving for Small Groups

A conference call training given by EC Director of Publications Faye Darnall on troubleshooting for small groups, given October 16, 2012.

Lectio Divina in Small Groups

A conference call training by Jason Simon on using Lectio Divina in a small group setting given February 21, 2011

How to Lead Ongoing Small Group Leader Training and Formation

A conference call training by James Carrano on strategies for training and forming small group leaders, given September 18, 2012.

Small Group Leader Formation

A conference call training by Jason Simon on continuous formation for small group leaders given September 20, 2010